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Communicating to the Left, and Beyond

May 29, 2009

Communicating to the Left, and Beyond

By Jon Lauro

1. The Big picture

What most from the left fail to understand about libertarians and some on the right is that smaller government types do not want the government to have an “energy” policy per se. We do not want the government controlling health care, jobs, the economy, or the bedroom. Most liberals when they hear this picture a future dystopia where babies are left homeless in the streets and medical care in unknown, while global warming has destroyed all but Mt. Everest. This what would happen if the government did not caress us from cradle to grave. I am here to tell you, this is not the future that is in store for us. Simple because the government does not control it does not mean it will turn to chaos. I would actually propose the opposite is true! Everything the government touches turn to crap. So then what would happen to healthcare, the energy crisis, or the economy, without government control? It is simple. Take out your cell phone. That is what will happen. You are probably reading this on your Personal Computer; something of that magnitude may arise as well. The services will get cheaper, innovations will arise, and most of the problems will be solved, not because some government told us to, but because we as free human beings without centralized restrictions unlocked our human spirit and created something special. I know most on the left will think what I am thinking of is some utopian future where the free market takes care of us all. The thing is, one only has to look at our history to see it already has. The free market has made this country the greatest country on earth. Government does not need to be there to give us insurance deals, or houses, or cars, or any service. Free enterprise will naturally take care of that. If there is a need, that need will be met.

2. Economic Theory, Keynes.

Currently in the Obama Administration most liberals (and conservatives in the Bush-era) would say that Obama is doing all the right things. He is helping homeowners, propping up whole sectors of the economy, and giving everyone a stimulus! The fact of the matter is that his Keynesian economic theories are out dated. They have proven to not work and are dragging us ever deeper into an economic apocalypse. What do I mean by Keynesian economic theory? Well this refers to the economist John Maynard Keynes. He proposed that government spending helps stimulate the economy and gets it back on track and proposed a need for a strong central bank (Federal Reserve). The problem with this is that there is only a certain amount of money out there being circulated. The more the government redistributes it the more heavily it goes against the free market. When the government distorts markets more mistakes are made further hurting the economy, not helping. This also ties into the Austrian Business Cycle that so perfectly describes how the economy is in shambles. The Federal Reserve wrongly forced interest rates low. This made people think there was more saving out there to build and start long-term projects for. When in fact there were no savings. When the realization came that all this over-production was happening and people did not want long-term projects and that they were spending their money now instead of in the future, the whole system collapsed. The phony economy came to an end. So what is the way out? More government spending to distort the market? Or let the bad decision be liquidated so we can clean the bad investments away and start anew. This will not happen. Most on the left and President Obama see the need to spend our way out of debt. An out-dated theory used by those who want to expand government and serve special interest.

3. George W. Bush.

As a Libertarian, I disagreed with President Bush on so many issues. I felt he was not a true fiscal conservative and proposed “abandoning the free market in order to save the free market”, which makes no sense what–so-ever. As criticism is being raised about President Obama, most liberals will fire back in saying “It takes time to un-do what Bush did!” Or that “what, are you saying you wanted a McCain instead? He wouldn’t have done any better!” The fact of the matter is that most others and I did not want either. We wanted a true leader who understood freedom and the U.S. Constitution. Not an agenda pushing big government type. (Yes, both Obama and McCain are in that category). Barack Obama could have done many things by now. So I would advise those on the Left to stop defending President Obama under the legacy that President Bush left. Turn the page and look at what Barack Obama is doing.

4. Change?

First and foremost, the Iraq war could have been ended. Instead Barack Obama seems to be adamant on spreading this war into Pakistan.  Our hawkish foreign policy is still the same, we are still spending way too much, and our liberties are still being ripped apart. President Obama still believes the Patriot Act is fine, and that we need to find a way “within” the law to hold people indefinitely. He is trying to change the law to fit his needs. This is no change. This is all happening under President Obama, not President Bush.

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