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The Daily Rant

February 6, 2009

I have concluded that those who run the country are running it to the ground. I spend so much time debating these issues and to try and comprehend what these people think, and it is just unbearable. Perhaps this is a good thing?  When will I go around just laughing at those people who wanted more government? Saying “I told you so”. Will I do this when people are dieing because of their government? I sure hope not, but I fear that is the only thing that will change this country. It is like a drug addiction, you need to hit rock bottom before you can change. Will they then wake up to the fact that government only makes things worse? That the Federal Reserve should be abolished? and a small Constitutional Republican government should be in place? Perhaps than  my family and friends will realize that government and politics is not just a novelty issue, but one that changes lives, and dictates how you live (sadly). I sure hope the people in this country wise up. Every citizen matters, and nobody can afford to be apathetic. That is like handing your life over to government, please do something.

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