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What I Want To Be

February 5, 2009

This country is the best on earth. A place where someone like me, has the opportunity to shape the life I want. Where the only thing holding me back is myself. I can be whatever I want. Now some may say that income holds me back, or education holds me back, or any other privilege that higher wealth brings. I would have to object to that. Only the extreme poor are the disadvantaged. Yes, not being rich and having all the connections will make the climb harder, but at least I can climb. Where I end up is totally up to me. No, this is not something a child only thinks, I believe this is true.

So what are my dreams? What do I want to accomplish in life? What are my goals? Well the goals are pretty gradual. Dreams are things I want to accomplish far in the distance, the ultimate meaning of life. Goals are the day to day tasks I wish to complete. My goals for now is to go to every class, and not be afraid to go and take the initiative on things. My goals will change as different things happen, such as getting a certain grade on a test which accumulates to getting a certain grade in a class and so on.

My dreams are different. My dreams are like Utopian visions of what things will be like. First of all graduating college would be a dream accomplished from long ago. To have a college degree would be amazing. I just need to keep focused and no matter how much I don’t want to do certain assignments or read, I have to. This begins to break down into goals. My dream of life after college is to have a nice job, a nice house, car, and what not. To nicely plant myself on the ground, so I can from that point get involved into politics and have a nice sum of money. I suppose after that would be a political career. I would love to run for Congress, to write books, and to argue for a constitutional government, free markets, and liberty. Much like I am doing now but with much more credibility.

Now for the Utopian part. I would love to be the beacon of freedom. To have rallies with thousands of people demanding less government in their lives. To spark an intellectual revolution much like Ron Paul did. I want to be the one to carry the flame of liberty into the next generation. I want to give speeches and receive standing ovations. I want to be known in the history books. I want to fight for freedom, and change peoples lives as mine has been changed. I want to be something so much bigger than me. A movement, an idea, a dream. What I want to be is everything I have dreamed of, the sky is the limit and my journey began long ago.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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