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The Daily Rant

February 3, 2009

I feel really different today, I look at the current political atmosphere and the economy and feel like I am witnessing a Mac truck slam into a small car. While everybody was screaming for the truck to go faster I was trying to tell it to stop. At the same time I see the answers and feel like I have the moral high ground. I am witnessing something horrible but feel well inside because I know what is right, and I know what to do.

The economy is bad, and those in Washington are doing everything wrong. I think it is funny how when Obama became president many were reading about the first one hundred days of FDR, so that he can somehow learn from it. You want to know what I did? I got a few books about FDR and the great depression, on how he prolonged the depression and enacted the horrible new deal policies. Yea I am sort of special like that. I am ready to defend liberty and free markets. Knowledge is power and the power I have is more than any military. Ideas are the most powerful things in the world.

Looking forward I see good and bad things. I mean right now is a great opportunity to get my message out there. To defend and promote my ideals of smaller government, individual liberty, lower taxes, and lower spending. Government is the root of all evil. Some may disagree, but how can you? Nobody on an individual level can do so much harm. No individual can (lawfully) steal from you, lower the value of your dollars, force you to fight in wars, tell you where to go to school, tell you what healthcare you need, or kill you. The individual is at the heart of what America is. Right now we have a bunch of “collectivist swine” running the government who want to shape our destinies for us. This is the thing that sickens me.

To end on a good note: We will make it out of this depression and one day we will be OK again. I just hope that when that day comes people will finally begin to withdraw their ignorance and believe in the individual again. liberty is the reason why I am alive. Liberty is the reason to live, so that you live the life you want and be happy. So that you can make your own choices and shape your own future, liberty is at the heart of what those patriots were doing in 1776 and it is in my heart in 2009. The only way they can take my liberty is if they take my life. As Patrick Henry said

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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