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People Are Getting Fooled (I am pissed can you tell?)

January 26, 2009

And I won’t take it anymore. This goes beyond politics.

The country we live in today is screwed up, and Obama is not the answer. We have too many laws, too many taxes, too many welfare programs, too many regulations, too many dumb wars, and too many people who believe the government can save them. What they don’t understand is that the government created the problems. That is like asking the arsonist to save you from the fire. Wake the hell up already.

I am far to tired to be nice right now. The line has been crossed.

People are being fooled by Obama. Their starry eyes are blinding them to reality.

We need a country, were law, not men, are in charge. It is the job of the people to keep and eye on their governments, and the people are begging to be enslaved. The people are begging for more regulation to “save the environment” or to “save the animals” or any other bullshit that they spew. What they don’t realize is that the government uses that to grab more power, and that we are only enslaving each other.

It is like we are all in a community jail, and the freedoms we used to have are shrinking in order to make society in the vision of what small minded people want.

We are not free.

Demand REAL change people.

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