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Barack Obama = George Bush

January 23, 2009

These dumb supporters of Barack Obama think he is some “peace” candidate. The man who wants to raise troop levels in Afghanistan, the  man who will never fully withdraw from Iraq, the man who just recently allowed missile strikes in Pakistan killing innocents, the man who blindly supports Israel, and the man who wants America to police the world.

Mr. Peace sounds a lot like Mr. Lies, Mr. Propaganda, or Mr. “Just another political lie to get elected”.

Yea, close down Gitmo, what about all the other prisons outside the United States with “enemy combatants” in them? What about allowing government agencies to “re-invent” torture tactics, not forbidding them. Sounds like a bunch of bull to me.

Barack Obama and George Bush are more alike than you think. Their foreign policies are not different.

This is no change.

Bagram, the new Gitmo.

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