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Bred For Success: What Public Schools Taught Me

January 3, 2009

Growing up and being taught in the public school system has opened up my eyes to it’s failures. Nobody was told to question things, kids were not encouraged to learn more, and those who were the most obedient were in effect ‘bred for success’.

My senior year in high school was when I really began to see the problems of the public school system,  though before than I always felt like something was very wrong.  Those who did their work, those who regurgitated information well, and those who were ‘well behaved’ were the ones who got all the advantages, it was not about ‘being smart’. Throughout my time at school I was fortunate not to succumb to the pressure of obedience others had.  When I would get bad grades,  get frustrated, or didn’t do my work it wasn’t because I was not smart, it was because  I realized the circus of a show that it really was.

Looking back and remembering all those ‘well behaved’ kids who were favored because of their obedience makes me feel uneasy. I feel like I was under sold, looked over, and I can say I never really learned anything or gained any abilities.  As I said before, the critical thinking was never there, we were discouraged to ask questions about things, and I truly believe it was all a joke,

Today, I am happy to realize that the problem was not me, it was the system. I was not there to learn, I was there to be obedient. I can truly say that, to this day, I did not learn anything valuable during school. Yea I can do math and read, but those are very basic concepts I could have easily learned on my own or  have been home schooled for. I am glad to have survived with a mind that has learned to question things, and to think critically, a mind that has learned more in the last year than I have in my time in  public schools, on my own!

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  1. Isaac Doolittle permalink
    January 5, 2009 8:35 PM

    And this is the reason you’ll succeed my friend, this is the reason you will probably prevail amongst all odds. You have the ability to question things and the knowledge to decipher right from wrong.

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