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Where I Stand: Part One

December 31, 2008

After doing so much blogging on the Young Americans For Liberty website I thought I would take the time to write on here, and this time about me. Some may be confused on where I stand politically, or they may not understand my views, so in this post I plan to walk you through each political issue and describe my views on each.


I oppose federal control of education. Therefore I oppose federal funding of education, once there is federal funding there is federal control. Education should be funded and controlled locally so that the federal government cannot impose the will of the few among the many. Federal money and control would result in mass standardization when we know that each community is different and one plan does not fit all. We are a nation of individuals, not a nation of mindless pawns.

Personally, I would like to see no public education. Like any service, the more competition the lower the prices and the higher the quality. What public education does is eliminates competition, so no matter how bad they do they will never have to worry about going out of business. The poor would be able to afford basic education that would probably turn out well compared to inner city public education.


I look at taxes and see what they really are, legalized theft from the state. If you cannot collect taxes from your neighbor, than why can the state? If your neighbor refused to give you money and they got arrested for it would that be ok? If you don’t have the right to steal ‘for the greater good’ than why does the government? In a perfect world there would be no taxes. Public works would be funded otherwise. I understand the world we live in; therefore I stand for extremely low taxes, not only due to its real-world effect but also due to its immorality.

Business taxes, Income taxes, and Property taxes are the three most immoral taxes that are pushed upon us. Income taxes go against a core belief that the founders of this country had set forth: Keeping the fruits of your labor. If the government has the right to take your income than the precedent is set that they have the right to take all your income. If that is the case you are that much closer to being a slave. A business tax makes absolutely no sense to me. What more incentive is it for a company to do it’s best when they suffer 100% of their losses but only receive a portion of their profits? Business taxes do no good. Property taxes are just as immoral as the last two. As John Locke said, each person has the right to “Life, Liberty, and Property”. If the government can tax your property than who owns it? If you do not pay those taxes and the IRS comes to take it away than again, who owns it? Low taxes boost the prosperity of a nation and the dream of one-day taxes being obsolete boosts the prosperity of very human being.


In a time when our economy is tanking the opportunity for illegal government intervention is never left unhampered with. Government got us into this mess, and is dragging us ever deeper into the hole. When you have a Federal Reserve that manipulates the money supply, encouraging bad investments, and over-building while discouraging saving you have to wonder how big a role the media has in blaming ‘the lack of regulation’. Sure you could say that the banks didn’t look into peoples credit when they were buying a house, but is that bank not responsible for it’s own loans? Was the government program to make sure everybody buys a house necessary? Were the artificially low interest rates in effect pushing ever harder on the gas pedal? I think it was.

The bottom line is this, the government should not be involved in the economy, the Federal Reserve should not exist, and we should return to a currency backed by gold. The government has no power to create wealth, only to shift and manipulate it.


Like education, government control of this would be a disaster. The only reason why prices are so high for this is that the government is partially involved with it leveraging the prices sky high. The same can be said for College education. If the government gave half the people $1000 dollars to spend on eye surgery I assure you the price of eye surgery would go way up. It is not the fault of the medical industry; they are simply working the system to their advantage when there shouldn’t even be that kind of system in the first place. I am for Healthcare to go back to the free market and have true competition again.

More issues to come in part two…

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  1. December 31, 2008 7:30 PM

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

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