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Go Eagles!

December 16, 2008

With the win over the Cleveland Browns last night, the Philadelphia Eagles are that much closer to a post-season. The Eagles must win their last two games starting with the Washington Redskins and ending with hosting the Dallas Cowboys at home.

Can you imagine if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost or the Atlanta Falcons lost? All the Eagles would have to do is win out. Dallas needs to do this as well, and the last game of the season is Dallas at Philadelphia, the biggest game of the year for both teams, whoever wins moves on to the post-season.

Things are shaping up to be very exciting and i am hoping that it comes down to this. What a better way to end the season, beating your most hated enemy to knock them out of the post-season while you move on.

The last two weeks of the season will be the most exciting, more exciting than anything I can remember, that is if the Buccaneers or Falcons lose a game. That is the catch, and I am hoping it happens. The last game versus Dallas will turn into a super bowl atmosphere with an ugly rivalry.

Go Eagles!

– Jon Lauro

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