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November 18, 2008

2549850429_9377289f6bThere is a lot to be said about the current state of not only America, but the world. We stand on a path that has been traveled many times before. This time it is slightly different. This time, there people at the top, planning, and plundering and operating on a world-wide scale. There is a power grab going on under the nose of the world, disguised in a financial crisis that is being prolonged, and intentionally worsened. In all the history of the world; bad economic times, disasters, or a tragedy, has been used to gain power. We are submitting to that force once again. Faces may change, but the evil human greed for power will always stay. Get ready for the ride.

The way i got to this conclusion is easy. We have a economy that is ten times worse than what is being portrayed. We have money, that gets it’s value, from the value of other paper money. There is no gold, metal, or tangible involved. What is in your wallets, in your bank accounts is simply paper. It is all a disguise. If you think that is crazy and can’t be true, than wait until the paper money is driven to the ground, try and see what you can buy with paper, because that is all it is. No monetary system in the history of the world has lasted on the basis of paper money. They have all come crashing down, and i fear that is where we are right now. Just about to plunge.

Some say this problem is linked directly to the Bush administration, i laugh when i hear this. That is like saying Hurricane Katrina would of never happened if Bush was not in office. It was going to happen no matter what, no matter what person is in power. The people who say that is was the Bush administration are looking way to close at the problem. It was NOT deregulation, it was NOT short-selling, it was the system itself. It was the fractional-reserve system, the federal reserve, the collapse of Bretton-Woods in 1971 that totally cut the dollar off of any sort of gold standard, and the government printing presses. YOUR government made your dollar weaker. YOUR government forced loans on people who did not deserve them, YOUR government kept the printing presses hot, promoting low interest rates, low saving, and over-building. It is now YOUR government who is spending trillions of your dollars to prop up these failed markets. Now, it is YOUR government taking power, taking control and stealing your money. So, what are you doing about it? Are you doing your part? are you speaking out? Are you mad yet? Well i sure as hell am, and say what you will for me speaking out, but i am simply doing a duty as a citizen of America, as a fellow countryman of Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr, and all those who have given their lives so that we today may have the opportunity to live in freedom. I end with a very simply question, when will you finally do your part?

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

(Photo credit to John in Antarctica)

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