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In Defense Of Small Government And Liberty

October 17, 2008


I have heard throughout this election questions about the role of government, and what liberties we are entitled to and which ones we are not. This is such a detailed subject with rather simple answers. With government intervention in the economy, and many other if not all aspects of our life, some say that government is the problem. Some agree that government is the problem but we need ‘better’ not smaller government to fix it. I am convinced that government is the problem and the government’s scope and power needs to be reduced.

Economic Freedoms:

First, government has gotten so big that it now is chasing its tail. Fixing the problems it in fact created. It is general knowledge that the more power government has the less the people have; hence, more government, less liberty. Some say that this is ok, the people do not need ‘maximum’ liberty, and some liberties need to be handed over to the government for our own good. One of these liberties is economic liberty.

Secondly, our current economic crisis some say is due to deregulation. I do think that that is part of the problem, but it goes beyond that. Deregulation is just a branch of the tree of our economic mess; at the root is our Federal Reserve and fractional reserve system. The only reason why regulation here is acceptable is because our government put the power to create money out of thin air to a non-governmental group. Such a power and core element of the worlds economy should have never been given to a ‘Federal’ Reserve that is anything but federal. In theory everything else should have absolutely no regulation. For example, Barack Obama wants to give General Motors billions in loans. This should not be done. If General Motors makes non fuel-efficient cars, or low quality cars they should suffer. That is what the free market is. Now if they want to earn profit it should be in their best interest to pour their hearts and souls into making the best cars possible and having fuel efficiency at the forefront of their company. This is in many ways what Japanese companies have been doing and they are being rewarded for it. So why would you waste billions of taxpayer money to ‘save’ poor businesses? That is not a free market system that will work and is one of the reasons of wreck less spending that in part got us to this economic crisis. In regards to economic freedom in general, I should have a god-given natural right to make my own money and spend it whatever way I want. There is no right by the government to tax my income. That is a total contradiction of natural rights and what our founders wanted. Once the government taxes even one percent of your income there is a precedent that says they own you. What I earn is mine, and no damn government can ever take that away. We must always be able to keep the fruits of our labor, that is the cornerstone of liberty, and it is gone.

Thirdly, the bailout passed is an example of socialism. When the banks were doing good, they got to keep their profits but when they fail we catch them and save them with taxpayer money. Their losses are socialized and hurt all of us while they walk away with a fat paycheck. According to the basics of the free market, when a company fails, there is a reason why they fail. This reason was the lack of self-control and bad decision-making by the banks. Sure the government had a not-needed obligation to look over them but isn’t it in the best interest of the bank to not want to make risky loans? To not want to handle its finances like a mad person? Isn’t the want to profit and make money enough to regulate themselves?

Fourthly, one of the most wrong things you can do is give the power of providing healthcare to the government. Some may say I have too much faith in the free market but that is really a wrong way of putting it. That is like saying I want to make aqua ducts and people saying you have too much faith in gravity. You cannot control the free market, not even the government can so why not let it regulate itself? If you let healthcare free of government control the price of it will drastically drop. The problem we have now is that the government provides some healthcare and leaves the rest up to the rest of us. This props up the prices so high because the companies know how to leverage the prices and make the government pay the maximum cost for themselves. If we let the market decide on healthcare prices will drop because you have a choice, this is basic economic stuff, not hard to contemplate.

In conclusion, economic planning by the government has only proven to do more damage it hoped to heal, wasted trillions of dollars, and hurt the consumer. If you want the lower prices of anything the government must get out of the way. Economic freedom is synonymous with personal freedom, and is necessary in a free society. I will work as hard as I can to get the awareness out that the government should not be meddling in the economy as it does. It is not authorized in the Constitution and it is not the way of the founders. We must become aware once again and trust ourselves, not the government. They will always want more power and more money. So it is our duty to reject it.

Personal Freedoms:

To begin, our country was founded on very basic and essential principles in regards to personal freedom: self-reliance, responsibility, and freedom. Our government has drifted so far in respect to personal liberty that my mind is going a mile a minute thinking of all the infractions that they have committed onto us. If what were happening now taking place in 1776, there would be a revolution overnight. From the PATRIOT act, to FISA legislation, to the REAL ID act, we are giving up essential liberties that make us American. Benjamin Franklin said it best; he said “They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” That quote sums up so much in today’s world. We have legislation that allows wire-tapping; warrant less search and seizures, secret prisons, loss of habeas corpus, various forms of spying, and many more other essential freedoms that are being stripped away.

First, I wish all of you were as angry as I am. You should be. The freedom that made this country great is being stolen. It is essential that maximum liberty be strived for to ensure prosperity and the happiness, which the Declaration of Independence passionately establishes as a god-given natural freedom to all mankind. We just want to be left alone and to live our life the way we see fit so long as it does not harm others.

Secondly, the government has absolutely no right to tell me how to live, or to tell me what to do with my body, whether it be drugs, or what I eat. My body is my own and wasting billions of dollars on a drug war that discriminates against minorities is wrong. People are going to be people and liberty allows them to make choices. Good or bad, and they must learn from the bad and celebrate the good. This is basic social structure and why family and friends are so important. The government should never take on the role of ‘nanny’ as it has. Once you allow the government to control and regulate what is good or bad, you have given the power of self-reliance to a centralized power and no longer have control over your own actions. You have just stepped in the direction of being a slave. A total travesty of what this country is all about.

In conclusion, nothing I have said is anything new. This country was born with very simple principles that allows the people to take charge of their owns lives the way they see fit. It must remain that way and we must work to reverse the current trend we have now. We have the right to live the way we want, to eat what we want, to do whatever drugs we want, and to protect the Bill of Rights that we are letting deteriorate.


Our current state, and in this current election, we are losing sight of what makes America so great. Some are questioning the role of government, and some want to increase its authority. Perhaps those people who think that need to take a step back. Perhaps they need to realize in the grand scheme of things that small government is essential to maximum liberty, and though we may be far from that small government we must admit that we have to start working toward it. My views will not come true over night, but perhaps the tide is lessening, perhaps one-day government will again be limited and locked down by the Constitution. If it is not, the destruction of our country is eminent, our oversized government will collapse under it’s own weight and the economy will come crashing down. Perhaps we are in the beginning stages of that, I don’t know for sure, all I do know is that in a time of crisis, liberty is the only answer, and the answer is more clearer that ever.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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