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On Campus Demonstrators…Again.

October 9, 2008

About a week or so ago there were people in front of the library basically preaching the bible and Jesus. They were doing what you might expect, yelling loudly that we are all going to hell, holding up big signs, and basically acting like a bunch of religious nutcases. Today they are back, with a slightly different message. Abortion.

Now, I do not agree with what they are doing but i believe they have the right to do it. This is a public campus. Though personally i think what they are doing is very wrong. Yes, people may watch and listen but they are not learning, they are not open to listen because what the demonstrators are saying is crazy, and they are presenting it in a crazy way. They also had a little girl there holding up a big picture of an aborted baby, which was sick. The poor girl, I almost wanted to say something to her mother standing next to her but i knew the outcome would not be good.

There are a few people on campus who have umbrellas and are turning their back to the demonstrators to try and ignore them. Honestly, they are giving them more attention, but maybe showing that there are people who are tired of their crazy bullshit as well is good to know. I just think you have to ignore it. Anybody that preaches anti-freedom, hateful messages does not deserve your attention.

Last time they were here they were basically yelling that we are all sinners, we are all going to hell and that we must submit to Jesus. I am sorry but in principle that is all wrong. Since when is being yourself a sin? No human should ever blindly submit to another simply because a book says so. It should be human nature to question things, and what these demonstrators are doing is just dumb.

They also had signs of aborted babies that was, to say the least, very graphic. Now abortion is wrong, everyone can agree with that. It is bad and should not be done. That is my personal opinion, but guess what, just because we think something is good or bad does not mean we need a law for it. Yes drugs are bad, and that’s why i choose not to do them, but to say we can’t do them is tyrannical. Bad things should be looked down on, but i think it is wrong to let the government determine what is wrong and what is not wrong. Once that happens your government becomes a social regulator. That is not the job of government.

Funny how I turned this around to government. On that note, I heard something that made me happy. A kid went up to one of the police officers and he said something along the line of “Aren’t you going to stop them? are they aloud to do this?” the officer replied “Well, this is a public campus and they have first amendment rights”. That made me happy. We must protect the rights of everybody, even unpopular people, because once we take that right away from some it can be justified to take away from all.

Well that was my fun filled day. I kind of wish I didn’t write this to give them attention, but oh well it relates to a lot of good conversation.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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