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Who Are We?

October 7, 2008

I am so disappointed. So this is what it has come to. A nation of centralized power, a nation of big-government, a nation that craves authority and unjust law. I started watching the debate. It was very hard to do. It is like watching your country, the great land of liberty; burn up in flames under the heavy hand of big brother and swelled government. Our nation needs to wake up. The people must again understand the true role of government. We must rely on each other, we must tell government to get out of the way, and we must have liberty.

At this moment we are all trapped in a cell. There are no physical walls keeping us from eternal freedom only mental ones. In today’s government we must think twice about our actions; we must worry who may be watching, we must never fall out of conformity. That is not liberty. That is everything this country fought and died for. We are losing what has made us great. And for my eyes to see such a thing hurts.

These two candidates are a disgrace. They are a disgrace to our founders, to our constitution, and to liberty. They are the problem. They never speak of freedom, they never think to not interfere with something or not regulate something or not tell people what to do. They are power hungry fiends. They have ideas like a dictator, wanting to solve everything themselves. They never question if the absence of government is good, they just want more. More power, more money, more credit and more government. I cannot stand either of them.

So you think I am wrong? You think I am crazy, yes? Then you are not looking at the big picture. In your life what do you want? Freedom, peace, and a comfortable amount of money. To have freedom and peace you must want liberty. You must understand that tolerance in the pursuit of dreams is paramount. Tolerance and understanding, combined with inner peace is liberty. Government is no tool to be used to get what you want. Government is only used to protect our liberty. You wouldn’t know that from watching these debates. Once you let government take care of you, you must understand that gives them the power to let you die. Thanks, but I want to have my own life in my own hands.

Basically, we all need to remember why we are Americans. We must rekindle that flame in our hearts, you will probably get done reading and just go back to whatever you are doing, you will probably not even talk about politics for the rest of the day, but that is exactly what they are counting on. They want to take your eye of the ball, they want to tell you bullshit, and they want to keep you obediently working. No words can describe my want for every one of you to spread this message. To vote with the message of liberty, and to not put up with candidates who act as if it does not exist. We the people can change this country, and we the people will change this country. We have something they can never take away, and that is our message.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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