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VICTORY! (for now.) United States:1 Socialists:0

September 29, 2008

The bailout plan was shot down today in congress. I was so happy I felt  like a little kid who won a cool stuffed animal. Pretty sad, I know. I am happy to report that my congressman PA District 6 (Jim Gerlach) voted against the bailout. That was nice of him, and I’m glad he voted in favor of his constituents. He will continue to have my support so long as he continues his opposition to this bill.

There are signs though that Jim Gerlach supports a ‘bailout’, just not one of this size, lack of transparency, and without fixing the ‘problems’ that created this financial crisis. When this bill comes around again, and perhaps has more things Mr. Gerlach wants and he votes for it, he will lose my support and vote. Here is his statement

Where my family lives, Joe Sestak (PA District 7) is their representative. He voted for this bill. I really would like if you guys contacted him and tell him if he votes in favor of this bill again, you will be working to get him out of office. We the people are the employers and once your representative goes against what you want, fire them.

This bill will make our recession worse. Not only are we going to have to go through a correction of the system, the bill and all this money will create massive inflation on-top of all the economic troubles we have now. Not to mention continue the failed monetary system that got us into this mess.

In conclusion, if your representative voted against the bill, email them and tell them of your approval, and tell them to continue to oppose it no matter what. If they voted for it, tell them if they vote for it when it comes around again, you will be working to get them out of office. It is as easy as that. This is real change folks. Take a stand.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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