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The End Of Capitalism

September 16, 2008

The market is failing, and more intervention will only make it worse:

Lehman Brothers Collapse

(In court to be able to sell it’s assets)

Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch, to save them from collapse

(Since the government can’t give Merrill Lynch money directly, they forced Bank of America to buy them so they can flow the money through Bank of America to Merrill Lynch to save them from collapse….oh  $50 Billion)

AIG Bailout

($85 Billion)

Fannie, Freddie Bailout

($5.3 trillion in mortgages + $1.7 trillion in combined assets)

Whenever there is a bailout of billions of dollars (or any amount), who pays the tab? We do, the taxpayers.

This is not Capitalism. We are sliding in the direction of more government control of the economy. They have the power now to interfere with the marketplace this much and with our money, without asking! And still people wonder why I am so sick with the two parties. Things are going to be bad. All we will get is either more regulation or both parties pointing fingers.

In Liberty,

Jon Lauro

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