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Ron Paul’s ‘sphere of influence’

September 14, 2008

Ron Paul is more than just an average politician. Everything he stands for, and everything he says, is what he believes. Ron Paul has changed my life over the past year due to his courage to stand up for his beliefs, his humble leadership, his honesty, and his want to really make a difference.

About a year ago I came across Ron Paul and I have never looked back. Ron Paul opened my eyes to the importance of the Constitution, our past, Liberty, and to really how bad our two parties have drifted from those ideals. I agree with Ron Paul on every issue, (I truly mean that, it is not just a result of my support of him) he brings issues such as the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, non-Intervention, and respect for our Liberties to the forefront of our current political landscape.

Ron Paul has helped me in almost everything I have done. When I see him standing on the debate stage, speaking his mind without rehearsed answers, without ignoring the questions, while the other ‘snakes’ avoid, dodge, and talk in slogans, I really feel like this man is doing more than just speaking his mind. He is showing me, you can be real, and you can speak your mind, and not be bought out. Everything he does, encourages me. Everything he says, makes me want to make a stand. This blog, me being in College, my hunger to learn more about our past, has come from him. I really believe that this man, Ron Paul, is the most important, if not, influential person of our time. Ron Paul is my hero, in all of time.

So all I have to say is, Thank You Dr. Ron Paul, thank you for everything, for your courage, for your voice, and for your leadership, you have changed my life.

In Liberty and respect to Dr. Paul,

Jon Lauro

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  1. AmericanCitizen permalink
    September 14, 2008 1:33 PM

    Your story is a good one.
    Please keep on keepin on, brother.
    Together we CAN take this country back.

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