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Why Am I Voting 3rd Party?

September 13, 2008

This coming election I plan to vote third party. The reasoning’s as to why are quite clear. Voting is not about picking the most likely to win, or the ‘cool’ person.  There are many very important issues and I believe that the two ‘major’ parties do not address or are very, very, wrong on.

On Foreign policy: These two parties are the ones who got us into this mess. They can point fingers and say it was all the Republicans or all the Democrats but to be honest they are both very much at fault. If the Democrats do not like war, why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why do they vote to give the President power to go to war with other countries? Why don’t they stop the funding and force the troops to come home? The bottom line is both parties and indeed both presidential nominees for these parties have a future of more war and more intervention, McCain wants to stay in Iraq and  apparently loves to sing songs about bombing Iran. Obama wants to draw down major operation in Iraq but raise levels in Afghanistan. He also wants to keep tons of bases in Iraq to ‘occupy’ the country. One of the bases is as big as the Vatican, he also has no problem provoking other countries and even ‘Nuclear First-strikes’ are not off the table for both of the candidates, crazy. All the 3rd parties agree to pulling out completely. The Libertarian party promotes non-intervention, basically keeping trade and talk open, but minding our own business, and keeping our house in order. John Quincy Adams seemed to agree with this idea as well: “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”I think non-intervention would do a great deal in protecting our country. No more ‘blowback’; no more spreading the troops so thin we wouldn’t even be able to respond to an attack on our own soil; no more innocent fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters being killed, both here and across the globe. We must first set an example for the world to emulate, than the fire of liberty will catch on, never will it work through force of arms.

On Spending & The size of Government: The Republican party used to be about balanced budgets and smaller government, the one thing I liked about them. They no longer support this ideology as we can see from the past eight years. It seems that 9/11 has made the small government party into the war party. The Democrats actually spend less than the Republicans, though definitely way to much to begin with. Neither parties offer smaller government or reduced spending. We have a debt that is so outstanding, every person (Man, women, child) would have to pay $30,000 for us to get out of it.  Neither major party talk about this problem, maybe it is because they are equally responsible. No longer do we have a major party of small government. That is a very sad thing. On the other hand, the Libertarians are actually a party of small government! Finally!, I have something to vote for! Smaller government equals more freedom. Where ever the philosophy of smaller government goes, my vote goes.

On Personal Liberties: Where do I start? Both major parties are horrible at protecting liberty. Both parties help each other pass horrible legislation such as the Patriot Act, FISA, and the Military Commissions Act. Neither parties address the importance of the Constitution, Liberty, or anything else regarding the subject. The core foundation of our country, has become non-existent in these parties, maybe they should go to another country. The Libertarian party on the other hand is outstanding when it comes to Liberty, both personal and economic. They understanding that you know how to make the best decisions for you. They actually follow the Constitution and understands its importance. On social issues the major parties love to take sides as to what should be legal and illegal, I and the Libertarian party say, hey, in situations like this, look to the Constitution. An amazing thing in today’s America.

On Education: Again, both major parties have a great misunderstanding on the role of government when it comes to education. The federal government should have nothing to do with public education. Want to know how I came to this conclusion? The Constitution! Not to mention the obvious failures that has been a result of federal control.  Education is best when it is local. Funding should come from the county, and not from the federal government. Personally I think there should be no public schooling. Where in the Constitution does it tell me that Eduction will be setup in every county for them to run? I say let the free market take care of the issue. Have school competition like businesses, then you won’t have all of these problem of what to teach, you simply go to the school that teaches what you like, that has the curriculum you like, that has the class sizes you like etc. The market is a great way to boost the efficiency and lower the cost of whatever service is being provided. The Libertarian party agrees with me that, we must take education out of governments hand and give it back to the parents. Whether it be homeschooling, private schools, or any type of schooling.

As you can see, on every issue the major parties fail drastically on them. I happen to agree with the Libertarian Party, but I am not asking you to vote for them, I am asking you not to vote for the two major parties. Whether you vote for the Constitution party, Green party, Ralph Nader, a vote for the two major parties is a wasted vote, you are going to get the same thing.

In Liberty,

Jon lauro

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